Isaac Head and Neck Restraint System


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isaac head and neck saftey system, nascar
isaac head and neck saftey system, nascar
isaac head and neck saftey system, nascar


Racers' Comments

You are more interested in what other racers think about the Isaac® system than in anything we tell you. Below are quotes from real Isaac® users.

We did not select only those comments that were favorable to the product. The only criteria were that the comments were honest and that the racer authorized us to post them here. When any racer says, "Isaac® stinks!" you will see it here first.
If you want to read only good things about a head and neck restraint product, go to one of our competitors' Web sites.

If you want the simplest system that is easy to use, makes it easy to enter the car and easy to exit in an emergency, Isaac® is the only way to go.

-Mike Loescher, Finishline Racing School, Edgewater, Florida, USA

I immediately felt the ISAAC® work on the frontal impact...

The comfort of the impact still baffles me. I have hit several walls with an almost straight-on impact and have had sore muscles immediately after and the days that followed. I have on one occasion felt an electrical shock go down the spinal cord on a similar accident at Daytona when I hit a car at a 90 degree angle at 98 mph. I have had the internal part of my throat swell for 2 days after one impact also.

After this incident, there was no muscle soreness at all. I did not have any soreness the following days either. my head was wrapped in bubble paper. When the fluid traveled in the shocks, it felt like my head was in a cushion of air. I just didn't feel any violent movement from the wreck...

Thanks for working on a restraint device for racers. You have saved me a lot of pain from the wreck that I went through...

-Mick Robinson, Robinson Motorsports, Melbourne, Florida USA (Click here)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the whole Isaac® team on a great product.

While racing in Rock Springs Wyoming’s high bank 3/8ths I had the hardest impact of my 20 year racing career...I remember looking down at my hands thinking they really hurt, my ankles and feet hurt and letting go of my bent steering wheel realizing that I was still on the bottom of the track and still between turns 1 and 2. I went from 90+ mph to 0 mph in 10-15 feet. The greatest thing was my neck was not sore at all even though the next morning I had a 3 inch-wide bruise from my belts.

Thanks Isaac® for a great product !!

-Nick Bruce, Queen Creek, Arizona USA

[Mr. Bruce's impact was between 18 and 27Gs. Fatalities begin to occur in the 25 to 30G range.]

I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I bought your product. Last weekend at Lanier Speedway, a pretty high-banked, fast 3/8ths mile, I had a guy spin right in front of me and I hit him right in the driver side door doing about 50 mph. I came to a dead stop almost instantly. The car was pretty much destroyed from the firewall forward. I bruised my ribs on the seat and my knee on the steering column but my neck felt fine. Two days later I have a little stiffness in the back of my neck but no where near what I should have given the size of the hit. Fortunately, the other guy wasn't hurt either (right before impact I thought I was going to kill him). The force of the impact actually bent my seat.

I was always a little suspicious of the Isaac® because it just kind of flops around there when you are sitting in the paddock. A couple of times I thought to myself, "Is this thing really going to work?" Well, it did. It worked just as advertised and I am very grateful. I will be an Isaac® user for life. If anyone wants to know more just have them give me a call.

Thanks again.

-Greg Pachman (Maj. USAF), Warner-Robins, Georgia, USA

I am thankful I purchased the Isaac system when I did.... About two weeks ago while racing at the Winter Vacation Nationals at Sebring, I put it to good use.

... Approaching turn 14, the car directly in front of me swerved to the right and when he did, I saw another car dead in the track, directly in front of me about 25' to 30'. I was doing in excess of 100MPH and had no time to even brake. I hit the rear of his car smashing the front of my car to the pedal box. The car behind me hit the back of me.

I wound up being air lifted to Tampa General and when it was all said and done had a fractured L-1 Vertebrae [just below the rib cage]. I have had no injury or soreness in my neck through the whole episode. I am thankful for the Isaac system and would highly recommend it to others.

My two stepsons are starting to race and I purchased the helmet clips for their helmets so they too could use the system.

Thanks again for the Isaac Device.

-Chick Gregg, Greater Homes, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

Zack races two quarter midget divisions, I like that the Isaac system can be easily moved from one car to the other and Zack is very comfortable using it. He wrecked at the Tangerine going end over end but the Isaac® did what it was supposed to do – protect the head and neck of the driver, thankfully Zack was not injured. When it’s your kid you want the best and that’s what the Isaac® is!

-Tom Donatti, father of 9 year-old Zack Donatti, New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA

I just wanted to let you know I am extremely happy with my Isaac®. I
used it for the first time last weekend in Cal Clubs race at California Speedway. It gave me great peace of mind, as well as great lateral support. I'll recommend it to anyone considering a H&N device.


-Ed Reich, Kistler Aerospace, Los Angeles, California, USA

I hooked it up to the belts in my car and gave it a test...

The movement was MUCH better than I had anticipated. I could easily see the rearview and both sideview mirrors with no discernable loss of freedom.

I lunged my head forward, which is really no real test at all, but it still provided some comfort in knowing that I was doing SOMETHING about safety. You could definitely feel that the shocks had a purpose.

Then it came time to get the HELL out. Without having ANY practice, I reached up, released the pins connecting my helmet to the shocks in less than 1/2 a second and got out of the car. This could very well be the coolest feature of the device (other than saving your noggin, of course). Once you've performed the operation of releasing the pins, you're out. Free to go. You can now wiggle your head around an enclosed car just like we're all used to.

Outstanding device and a great design. I bought one on the spot.

-Mike Cudahy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (Click here)

[Update from Mike after a season of use, after we asked customers for improvement ideas:]

The product is good as it stands, and is very easy to use. It's come to a point where I don't recognize that it's there. Honestly, I feel that you have the best product on the market...The glue that you provided is fantastic.

...the second time it blew was a bit of a smoker, and the flagger seemed nervous about the possibility of fire, so I was in full get-out-fast-with-the-extingisher-and-get-the-hood-open mode...

No hang ups and I was out and ready to extinguish in a flash... I checked the videotape, and from the time I stopped and hit the ignition switch to the time I was out, including getting the extinguisher, and popping the hood, the net, the steering wheel, the belts and the Isaac® was under 17 seconds. If I wasn't busy getting the extinguisher and I didn't do the hood—if I was in full-bail mode—I would be out in under ten seconds easily.

So after nearly a season, the Isaac® has blended into the background. I fail to notice it at all anymore....

I don't go out without it. Practice, testing whatever, it's just a habit now. I have never had assistance in hooking it up, and in the begining, I had to allow a little extra time, just in case, but now, it's a no-brainer. It just pops together.

Of all the things I have on my race car, it is the one thing I never worry about. The belts? Gotta retighten 'em and cinch 'em down occasionally. The window net I'm always double checking...but the Isaac®, it just sits there doing it's security blanket thing!

...there's no way I'd go HANS® over Isaac®, no matter what the $ was.

- Jake Gulik, Westport, Connecticut, USA

I did an update on my experiences with Isaac a while back, but can't recall did I post here or the email list? In any event, my summary after ~30 runs with the device this year:

+ unobtrusive once it's on, more range of neck motion than with the padded collar I used to use. It "clatters" a bit but you don't notice at speed.

+ One size fits all + share-able, my wife uses it for DEs.

+ High quality materials/workmanship, appealing design premise.

- Not easy to put on quickly. I am used to it now, but rushing in the pits at the Mosport enduro I began to fumble and wound up taking 30-40 seconds to fasten the right side. Really my fault; plan better.

- Still worry about corner worker/rescue team seeing it for the first time if I am not awake to advise. This will go away with time. Plus I should start handing out copies of the corner worker sheet at each new track.

Personality wise I admit to being the "early adopter." But so far I believe it is a more elegant solution than HANS® in terms of function and usability (I infer from the new belts coming out that there is an issue with HANS® slipping out from under the strap?) and I'd buy it again.

There is a related thread going on right now with a real time (regrettably) Isaac® crash testimonial.

I will be at Summit Point for the Shattenbaum DE in Sept, and the Club race at SP in Oct for anyone who wants to see it...

-Brandon Hull, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

I have found that not only does the device keep the head from moving back and forth during unusual attitude movements (I haven't crashed, but have had a couple of rough spins), the biggest positive is that I no longer use the neck ring because the device holds my head up and relieves the stress on my neck just from hard turns.

- Darth Vadar, the cosmos (Click here)

I ran the Isaac® device this weekend and let me tell all, I f_____ LOVED it.… I could get into it by myself in a matter of seconds, out of it in the same sub-second snap as before and I absolutely had no clue it was on….I don't know how much my impact was or was not the type that it's designed to help but fwiw, I had ZERO soreness this morning. Ironic, I was actually thinking as the wall was coming up - "damn! glad I got this on!!! .... crunch"…Super great stuff from the guys at Isaac® ( - too many thumbs up to print here.

-Adam Richman, Charlotte, North Carolina USA (Click here)

I got to test my new Isaac® Head and Neck restraint system ( last weekend. I like it very much. I looked at many devices currently on the market and decided on the Isaac®. I liked the fact that you could release it post crash and it isn't worn. When I first put it on, I felt a bit constrained as my head movement was limited (I've never used a device like this before and wasn't used to the movement limitations). But 1 lap into the session, I forgot it was there - vision and head movement is fine. I found it offers some lateral support and my neck muscles weren't as strained as they normally were. Bonus. Hopefully I won't get a chance to really test it this year. ;)

-Bryan Shugg, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (Click here)

[Update from Bryan, after several months of use:]

Now that I've had a chance to use the Isaac® in a few races/qualifying/practices, I LOVE MY ISAAC®!!! The added feeling of security is tremendous. Can you put a price on peace of mind? I wouldn't think so, but the relatively small cost of the Isaac® is WELL worth it's returns. By that notion, I'd call the Isaac® a flat-out bargain.

The use of the Isaac® has become second nature to me now. I still fumble
every now and again attaching the Isaac® to my helmet, however ingress has improved as muscle memory has set in. Egress remains fabulously simple - to release the Isaac®, it requires as much as it takes to reach up to your ears. It just doesn't get any better than that.

I have also adjusted to the limited head movement. After use, I do not
feel it limits head movement that much. I liken it to the first time
putting on a helmet and trying to drive a car - it feels a bit cloogy for
the first few laps/sessions. After a few stints with the helmet on, you
don't even notice it's there. With each progressive use of the Isaac®, it
becomes more familiar and less noticeable. However, there's still the
aforementioned peace of mind that is ever-present...

I wear my Isaac® proudly and enjoy showing it to fellow racers. I'd like to
see more racers use SOME sort of head and neck device. Hopefully, when
they do decide to use a device, they will find the Isaac® to be the product
of choice.

With high regards,
Bryan Shugg (Click here)

[From a Rental Customer, first time use]

Let's see, a little weird in the paddock, as it definitely limits head
movement (pretty much what it is designed to do). First session I had a
problem with the mirrors, but nothing too bad.

Qualifying, I never noticed it. I adjusted the mirrors so I didn't have to
move my head as much to look at them...

I qualified 2nd in the rain.

I finished first in the race (S.L. was second, wearing his Isaac®).

Only problem I had was getting in the car and adjusting where the device
mounts on the belts. There is nothing holding it in place, so I just needed to move them back behind my shoulders. At one point, I tightened the belts,
but the roller was on my shoulder, which was uncomfortable. I moved it
back, and all was fine....

Was very easy to install and remove (both attaching to the helmet and the belt mountings). I talked to someone with a Hutchens and a HANS® this weekend. The HANS® driver commented on...difficulty getting in and out. The Hutchens never interested me much, and seeing a couple of them on, they don't look much better (probably something good for the S&M/bondage crowd, though). I like how you don't wear anything with the Isaac®. One less thing to worry about...

Overall, I am very impressed. Without ever having worn anything other than
a horseshoe collar, it was surprisingly unobtrusive. I expected a little more on-track issues, but there were none. I was cruising around, and never thought of it, which means it doesn't affect my driving at all.


-Jeremy Sheppard, Dracut, Massachusetts, USA

"Isaac® Stinks!" sort of
It finally happened. We found a racer who does not like the Isaac® system. She has no interest in posting her comments, but we felt compelled to let racers know that not all feedback we receive is positive.

When she first tried a rental Isaac®, she felt it tended to force her head forward to such a degree that it affected her driving. This was very unusual, so we met her at the track and discovered that her belts went back from her shoulder at a steep upward angle toward the seat, making the Isaac® system appear to be too long. This is not how belt manufacturers want their product installed.

Installing belts according to the manufacturers instructions will prevent this. This happened with one other racer and was resolved with proper belt positioning.

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