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2006 SAE International Motorsports Conference & Exposition
(added 11 December 2006)
SAE paper #2006-01-3631, presented at the Biannual MSEC in Dearborn, Michigan on 6 December, evaluated 21 crash tests of nine different head and neck restraints. Guess which product kicked crash lab butt? Click here for a hint.

A great book on how to begin racing (added 17 October 2006)
We have had a policy of never putting up links to other sites, but we ran into something that is just too valuable for the new racer to be ignored. It is a book on how to get started in racing and will save the newcomer tons of time, money and aggravation. Go ahead - take the wheel...

SCCA Rejects SFI 38.1 Requirement (added 20 September 2006)
At its annual meeting (August 2006) the Board of Directors of the Sports Car Club of America rejected a proposal to require that all head and neck restraints used in SCCA events be "SFI certified". More info is here.

We've Moved (as of 1 July 2006)!
(added 29 June 2006)
Since we are usually out fishing it doesn't really matter where the office is, but the new phone system is pretty impressive. With 24/7 call notification your off-hour voicemails can even track us down over the internet. Plus, we now have toll-free calling from the U.S., and Skype users can call free from anywhere in the galaxy. The details are here.

More crash reports from Isaac® users (added 14 June 2006)
See Nick Bruce's account, near the top of the Comments column here. Please don't do this; we want you to buy an Isaac® system, not use it.

Isaac® sets record performance in SFI tests (added 2 February 2006)
Isaac® is tested side-by-side against the HANS® device. Guess who wins. Press release is here.

The Link™ model (added 10 May 2005)
The third best product of its kind ever invented for only $295. Need we say more? Details are here.

More customer crash comments (added 28 January 2005)

Press Release for Kids!™ Isaac® (added 28 October 2003)
Now young drivers can use this crash-tested Isaac®, and upgrade as they grow. Click here.

More Racers' Comments (added 15 October 2003)
After a season of use, drivers tell us what they like and don't like. Click here.

Isaac Customer Wins National Event! (added 14 October 2003)
Professional Golfer Stuart Appleby, an Isaac® customer, won the PGA Las Vegas Invitational Tournament Sunday in a sudden-death playoff. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) The link is here

Additional Racers' Comments (added 23 June 2003)
Test dummies aren't the only thing that crash. This customer wrote to tell us that he "used" his Isaac®. Call him if you like. Click here. We can refer you to other racers who have "used" their Isaac®.

Photos (added 12 June 2003)
New photos are here. Includes product and users shots. Did you know Darth Vader drives a Cobra?

Adhesive Helmet Mounting Kit (added 17 April 2003)
After several months of extensive laboratory testing, we are pleased to announce the availability of a hi-tech structural adhesive that can be used to attach the Isaac® mounts to your helmet. This technology is easier than using nuts and bolts, takes less time, does not have to be kept tight or maintained in any way and does not, in any manner, affect the structure of your helmet.

Before you roll your eyes in disbelief, know that this type of adhesive is used in miltary applications such as air-to-air missiles and various marine environments. Laboratory testing proves that it is several times stronger than the loads experienced in a crash test.

Available for immediate shipment.

Rental Program (added 14 April 2003)
You can now try before you buy. Rent an Isaac® system, with a helmet, for your race weekend. See the bottom of the Product Info page for details.

Comparison Chart Updates (added 11 April 2003)
The charts have been updated to include additional products. Click here.

Recent Article about Isaac® (added 7 April 2003)
Marty Tyler has written an interesting article about the Isaac® system. Not satisfied with your typical interview with the company, she also contacted customers and race fans. One avid race fan, a brainsurgeon who has been seen doing some hot laps of his own, explains why Christopher Reeve survived and Dale Earnhardt didn't. The link is here.

Racers' Comments
We have added a Racers' Comments page to the Web site. Real racers who have used Isaac® systems in real race cars on real race tracks tell you what they think. No professional photographs or sponsor logos.

If you are a racer and would like to chime in, send us your comments for posting

HANS®† Trade In
Want to upgrade you Head And Neck System to an Isaac®? Now is your chance to trade in your HANS® device. We are looking for a few specific models, so contact us to see what yours is worth.

Basic Model
The Isaac® product line has expanded once again with the addition of the Basic model. See the Product Info page for details.

Demo sale
You know how you can buy a "Demo" car from a dealer, usually at an attractive discount? The car has been used very little, has never been crashed and is in perfect condition—except, maybe, for that onion ring the salesperson dropped under the seat one day when they dashed out for lunch. Same with Isaac®. We have a handful of Isaac® systems we have used for track testing (not crash testing!), shown as demos, or lent to racers for a day at the track. These systems are in perfect condition, except for cosmetic things liked scratched finishes or labels that have gotten dirty from handling. They are just like a new Isaac® after you've taken it to the track a few times.

We have cleaned these up (we even threw out that onion ring) and are making them available at a 15% discount.

SS hardware
We have changed all helmet mounting hardware to stainless steel. We have used galvanized mild steel in the past out of a concern for the racer having to cut the bolts after installation. Cutting stainless steel is difficult compared to mild steel. Most racers, however, have access to power cutters (e.g. Dremel® tool), so this should not be an issue.

Titanium Alloy Model of Isaac®
Deposits are now being accepted for the extreme-impact, titanium-alloy model of Isaac®, expected to be available in the spring of 2003. This model has a theoretical protection level for impacts up to 150Gs.

The increased performance of this model comes from the extensive use of a high-grade, corrosion-resistant titanium alloy known as "T64ELI", or Ti-6Al-4V ELI per ASTM specification F-136. It is pure titanium alloyed with 6 percent aluminum, 4 percent vanadium and processed in an "extra low intersticial" manner to improve its corrosion resistance. This alloy has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is used in nuclear reactors, military aircraft and structural biomechnical implants.

The titanium Isaac® is priced at US$3,250. A US$500 deposit will hold your order. All orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Lateral Support (Side Impacts)
Initial computer simulations suggested that the Isaac® system may offer significant lateral support to the head and neck. Revised computer models, tuned to incorporate the specific shock absorbers used in Isaac®, indicate a load reduction of at least 50%.

It should be noted that this level of protection was attained without significant loads to the shoulders.

This is consistent with observations made by racers who have commented that Isaac® seems to support the head during hard cornering, expecially on rough racing surfaces.

† HANS® is a registered trademark of Hubbard/Downing, Inc.

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